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progressX supports wide range of workflow in an organisation. Make your processes paperless Today!

human resources

Human Resources

Employee Training, Leave Approval, Candidate Screening, Performance Appraisal, Exit Interview, Employee On-Boarding



Loan Processing, Claim Processing, Budget Approval, Petty Cash, Assets Purchase, Vendor Payment, Overtime Claim



Procurement, General Office Inspection, Employee Feedback Surveys.

Sales & purchase

Sales & Purchase

Purchase Invoice,Sales Invoice, Sales Quotation, Invoice Generation



Customer Enquiry, Marketing Campaigns, Customer Support Tickets

Everything else

Everything Else

Travel Request, IT Access Control,Vehicle Request, Daily Cleaning, Lost & Found, Meeting Appointments

Design your own workflow

Visually design your process and go paperless.

Design workflow
Assign users

Assign users to steps and apply conditions

Specify which user does what and define the next steps to be done based on conditions

Track what's happening

Find an overview of what is happening with easy status boards and logs.

Visualize & analyze

Create Your Own Reports, Visualize & Analyze

Create your own reports as per your requirements, find out main KPIS, ageing process and Bottlenecks in the tasks.

Easily Communicate

Send and receive messages easily while you are completing workflows.

Easily Communicate
Manage project with task board

Manage Projects with Task Board

We have a simple task board that will let manage any projects easily.

Schedule your Workflows to Run Automatically

You can set your workflow schedules to run in interval, or certain times.

Schedule workflow
Machine Learning

Leverage Machine Learning.

Our workspace can help you find unused resources, recommend people to do the tasks & also find out how likely the task is supposed to finish.

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